Kemwell Biopharma Increases Capacity For Manufacturing Of Biologics


Kemwell Biopharma, a biologics contract development and manufacturing service provider has recently augmented its existing infrastructure. As part of this expansion strategy, the company has installed Ambr 250, high throughput equipment with 12 fully automated mini bioreactors at a 250 ml scale to accelerate process development.

Ambr 250 enables setting of 12 different media conditions, temperatures and gases, helping the client projects identify the most optimal process leading to higher titer while reducing the cost per experiment and thereby enhancing in-lab productivity. In addition to Ambr 250, 3 more 5 L scale glass bioreactors are installed and now houses a total of 12 bioreactors of 5 and 10L scale.

The company is also expanding its manufacturing capacity further by adding three Single-Use Bioreactors (SUBs) this month. It plans to install 100L (R&D), 200L and 1000L SUBs in its existing CGMP plant to support process scale-up and preclinical toxicology batch and early clinical trial supplies., which are expected to be operational by October 2021.

“With the above addition, Kemwell will have 5000L of cGMP manufacturing capacity and has a further investment plan to install an additional 12,000L of bioreactor capacity in an existing shell space of 26,000 sq ft for an investment of Rs 1500 million ($25 million). Kemwell is exploring strategic partnerships with biopharma players in the ecosystem to fit out this additional capacity which can be executed within 12-15 months,” informed a company statement.

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