• To apply the principles of Quality Assurance to all activities and systems with continuous evaluation and improvement, with a view to achieve consistent standards of quality.
  • To ensure that all personnel in the organization are committed to maintaining corporate quality requirements in every aspect of the business.
  • To comply with all statutory regulations of local authorities as well as those applicable to the overseas markets to which the products are being supplied.
Kemwell has created a culture of high quality and continuous improvement over the last 40 years.
  • No product recall or critical market complaint
  • 100% Lot acceptance rate for DP manufacturing
  • >97% Lot acceptance rate for DS manufacturing
  • RFT for manufacturing operations >98%
  • Deviation rate per DP batch- < 1 deviations (No critical deviation)
  • Deviation rate per DS batch- < 3 deviations (No critical deviation)
  • To be a global leader and first-choice Biologics CDMO.
  • Become India’s first biologics CMO with USFDA approval.
  • Provide customized solutions to clients that accelerate their research and be their most trust-worthy go-to partner.
  • Responsibility is first towards the patients.
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Trust and Transparency – we have built this business over 40 years with a handful of customers, where we believe in being transparent and with that building trust with our partners.
  • Excellence – in everything we do from scientific research to efficient operations.

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