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  • CMO collaboration
    Effective client-CMO collaboration through strong data security

    In today’s technology-driven world sharing of information is now easier than ever. With rapidly advancing technology and continuously evolving digital systems, the means of sharing of information are also aplenty. With so many individual ways of sharing information, it has also become more imperative than ever to safeguard and prevent any misuse, hacking or confidentiality breach of information. 

  • Analytical Development
    Analytical development & testing experience critical to making outsourcing decisions – A CDMO perspective

    According to a survey conducted by contract pharma, approximately 9 in 10 (90.4%) companies outsource at least some specialized analytical activity[2]. Routinely outsourced work for biologics include standalone method development, method development of protein/ process-related impurities, release testing, stability testing, characterization studies, compendial testing, bioassay development among many others. Analytical outsourcing market will be worth USD 10.4 Bn by 2026 - expanding rapidly at a rate of 8.1% YoY [1].

  • CDMO

    Ramesh E., Director, DS Manufacturing (Upstream), Kemwell Biopharma Pvt. Ltd.

    Large-molecule biologics (such as monoclonal antibodies) are used in many lifesaving therapies and have been witnessing significant growth due to rapid scientific and technological advancements. Many pharmaceutical companies (large and medium) do have significant number of promising pipeline products at various stages of development. In addition to the ever-expanding product pipelines, pharmaceutical companies – as a growth strategy – also look for opportunities to expand geographically.

  • Emerging new role of contract development and manufacturing
    Emerging new role of contract development and manufacturing
    Today the global biopharma industry is transcending rapidly. We are seeing ever-increasing efforts in bringing monoclonal antibody-based biologic therapies to market, while some are even conjectured to replace conventional therapy – like in case of HIV treatment or Ebola with new investigational monoclonal antibody drugs proving to be more safe and also effective in treatment[1][2].  The role of “pure-play” CMOs too is transcending along with the industry.


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