about us

About Us

Founded in 1980, Kemwell is 100% dedicated to contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Staffed with experienced scientists from eastern & western cultures, Kemwell understands not only the regulatory landscape, but the values and requirements of small biotech, as well as big pharma.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Kemwell has multiple facilities in India, as well as Sweden. Focused on 110% customer satisfaction, Kemwell has won the trust & repeat business of many of the top 10 pharma companies of the world.

Throughout our journey, we have maintained our pure-play status as a 100% contract services provider without foraying into any branded products of our own.

This has strengthened our core value and work culture that the “Customer Comes First…….Always.” This is why Kemwell was voted the “Best CMO in India” for 2010.

Our commitment to respecting IP rights and working collaboratively with our customers has won the confidence of the top pharma companies of the world, trusting Kemwell to supply some of their highest-selling products for decades.

In order to meet the unique and dynamic needs of each client, Kemwell has built world-class infrastructure in project management, manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, R&D labs and training facilities. Today, Kemwell services the needs of small pharma, as well as major players such as Allergan, Bayer, GSK, J&J, Pfizer and Novartis, to name a few. Additionally, Kemwell manufactures almost half of the top 10 brands sold in India.