Why Kemwell

Why Kemwell?

Celebrating 30 years as a contract pharmaceutical manufacturer, Kemwell’s success is the result of unwavering commitment to delivering 100% customer satisfaction. We understand that in today’s competitive climate, it is not enough to claim Quality, Expertise, and Capability. These characteristics are expected!

At Kemwell, we know that Communication, Speed, Flexibility & Trust are key to a successful, long term client-contractor relationship. As a proven provider since 1980, it is all about meeting our commitments to each and every customer. This is what separates Kemwell from the plethora of contract providers, and has won Kemwell “the Best Contract Manufacturer in India” per customer survey, sponsored by OPPI (Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers in India).

Today, Kemwell is committed to growing with our customers. We have strategically invested in providing solutions in-line with our customer’s goals. These investments include new pharmaceutical equipment & facilities to support early drug development, clinical supply services, commercial manufacturing, and biologics manufacturing.

What differentiates Kemwell?
  • Our people (honesty, integrity, customer commitment)
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Single Source Provider (development to commercial)
  • Scientific depth (beyond just a pair of hands)
  • Facilities in both India (Asia) and Sweden (EU)
  • Flexibility
    1. operates like a small company
    2. customer is always first
    3. manufacture various dosage forms
    4. batch sizes, product types and packaging
    5. transparency throughout development & manufacture
    6. world-wide distribution
  • Our Innovation (problem solving, new technology)
  • Client satisfaction (repeat business has been our mainstay)
  • Speed (consistently deliver on time, every time)
  • Kemwell has no branded products of its own, avoiding customer IP concerns