Anurag Bagaria

Anurag Bagaria is responsible for managing and driving Kemwell’s performance, formulating and executing long-term ...
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Prof. Dr. Dr. Rolf Werner
Board Member

Prof. Dr.Dr. Rolf G. Werner is one of the worldwide leading experts in the area of research, development and product...
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Shabbir Anik, Ph.D., MBA
Strategic Advisor

Dr. Anik is an experienced executive in the biotech, pharmaceutical and contract services industry, with expertise in...
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Perake Oldentoft
Board Member - Sweden

Mr. Perake Oldentoft joined the Board of Kemwell India in 2005 and the Board of Kemwell Sweden in 2006. He served as ...
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S R Chandak
Finance Director

S.R. Chandak is the Finance Director of Kemwell. He has been with Kemwell for over 20 years and has a wide experience in...
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Karan Bagaria
Managing Director

Karan graduated from Babson University with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and joined Kemwell in May 2011...
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Mikael Ericson
CEO, Kemwell (Sweden)

Mikael has been the CEO of Kemwell, Sweden since September 2014.  Mr. Ericson brings to Kemwell a diversified backgr...
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Andrew Hamer
Vice President – R&D

Andrew Hamer is the Vice President of R&D at Cirrus, a Kemwell company.  He has over 20+ years of experience in the...
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Ariff Khan
President - Manufacturing

Ariff, a post-graduate in Pharmacy, is responsible for the contract manufacturing operations of Kemwell’s pharmaceu...
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Vinod Kumar Gupta, Ph.D.
Vice President - Pharmaceutical Development

Dr. Vinod Gupta is the Vice President of the Pharmaceutical Development unit at Kemwell India. He has extensive phar...
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Ramesh Jagadeesan, Ph.D.
Director - Analytical Development

Dr. Ramesh Jagadeesan leads the analytical development functions at Kemwell India. He leads a group of analytical sc...
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Ramil Menzeleev, Ph.D.
Director - Analytical Sciences

Dr. Ramil Menzeleev leads the Analytical Chemistry Department at Cirrus. His expertise includes analytical method de...
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Mikael Meisingseth
Director, Quality Operations (Sweden)

Mikael Meisingseth is the Director - Quality Operations and Business Development at Kemwell AB. He has an M. Sc. in Phar...
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Sanjay Lodha
Asst. Vice President - Operations

Sanjay has a Masters degree in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology. He has over 17 years of experience in biop...
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Jaby Jacob, Ph. D.
Asst. Vice President - Process Development

Jaby obtained his Ph.D from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore and completed post-doctoral work at the Uni...
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Deepak Gupta
Associate Director - Quality Control

Deepak is responsible for biopharmaceutical quality control, and has over 11 years of experience in analytical metho...
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